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Devi JewellersTM

We are Devi Jewellers and as our slogan says we have been serving to customer from ages. It is a bond of gold between us and our customer. We value our customers throughout these years and will be serving good in upcoming years. We understand customer needs and we craft and embellish them into the finest jewellery with the atmost quality.


                                                                  You can anytime visit our shop or visit us at


                                                                                     Devi JewellersTM


                                                                  Address                :  Rajpath, Moti Chowk, Satara.
                                                                   State                    :  Maharashtra.  
                                                                  Country                :  India
                                                                   Phone number     :  +91-2162-236771
                                                                   E-mail address     :